Monday, April 5, 2021


The Easter symbols and different traditions on the occasion of Easter have evolved over a period of time. Although, some traditions have been there for centuries as it is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christ was born to mother Mary as a miracle child and is the prophet of Christianity. Hence, the most prominent of the symbols of the Christian holiday is the Easter bunny. The other includes Easter eggs, Easter Parade, Easter lilies, and finally Lamb. The uniqueness is guaranteed, as these symbols are the source of driving & bringing change. Hence, as part of some of the modern additions in the traditions of Easter is the consumption of Easter Candy. 

The celebrations of Easter will take place in Canada on the 4th of April this year. Also known as Easter Sunday, and the next day, also known as Easter Monday. Hence, will be a public holiday in some provinces in Canada. While in few provinces it’s a Statutory Holiday, & in others it’s optional.

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